Our Programs


To begin class, the coach will run through a description of the warm-up and mobility after introducing him/herself and introducing any new athletes. Reckoning Fitness believes that warm-up and mobility work are important and should adequately prepare the athletes’ muscles, central nervous system, and mentality for the workout ahead.

The coach will then talk through  the strength portion of the workout (if there is one that day) as well as the workout of the day (WOD).  Reckoning Fitness coaches are educated in all the skills used, and will always provide clear and detailed instructions for each skill presented to you.  Reckoning Fitness athletes can expect to follow an intentional and well thought out strength program meant to produce results in strength and form.  Most days the strength work will prelude the workout and/or metabolic conditioning.  At Reckoning Fitness, we pride ourselves in our programming because we tailor each workout for you to give you the best results safely and effectively.  We follow the general CrossFit mindset of constantly varied functional movements done at a high intensity, and we make sure to develop a pattern and schedule of such workouts that produce the greatest boost in fitness, improvement, and strength.

After the timer beeps and the workout begins, you can expect your Reckoning Fitness coach to be watching your form to make sure you are doing the workout safely, while also encouraging you throughout the entire workout.  The class will end with a structured recovery cool-down that will help your muscles get the recovery they need.

Expect to have fun, sweat, and get the body you have always dreamed of!

Bootcamp will be a full-body workout to help you gain strength while shedding unwanted weight. This class is designed to keep you moving and burning calories while having fun and challenging yourselves. Working as a team we will do circuits, running (sprints and middle distances) and functional movements such as carrying and lifting. Our bootcamps are creative and fun and though they are challenging, the variety in the movements will keep things very interesting!

Just like in our CrossFit programming, our focus is functional movements that the human body needs to be able to do every day. During the warm days we will host it at Central Park and you are welcome to invite anyone you want with you! We stand by our community and want to give back by helping people in every way possible. So come one, come all to our bootcamp class and join us for an hour training session!

The Best Personal Trainers in Denver, CO – It’s Our Passion:

In our Personal Training program you will receive:

  • -A personal coach to keep you on track and accountable, reducing your stress and anxiety.
  • -Workouts designed to meet your individual goals and needs, ensuring you’re getting only what you need and nothing else.
  • -An experienced coach on site with you at every workout creating a safe, highly effective environment for you to thrive.
  • -The fastest results possible. Bar none.
  • -Goal Setting: No matter what your goals are – looking good, feeling good, or living longer – your coach will be there to help set and achieve whatever you are looking for.
Before beginning a personal training series, each athlete will sit down with their designated coach and discuss the client’s history, goals, desires, prior stumbling blocks, and motivational preferences.

Together with their coach, a tailored plan of training, nutrition, and lifestyle pieces will be laid out to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and success. Then that plan will be executed with the coach right there guiding you every step of the way!