Our Story

Our story began bicoastal with two like-minded souls with a shared passion for fitness and health and helping others achieve their very best.  Chad was an athlete his entire life and his work as an international fashion and fitness model for over 17 years had brought him to the east coast. In his pursuit of exemplary fitness he eventually found his way to CrossFit and his life was changed forever. He found that CrossFit helped him deal with whatever life threw at him to include enduring the long hours on flights and jet-lag and still have energy to spare, plus it kept him in prime shape for his fitness modeling bookings. After several years of training he longed to share CrossFit with others and dreamed of owning his own affiliate but wasn’t sure he could do it alone… enter Esther.

On the west coast Esther had been living a mirror life in many ways. Esther was a lifetime athlete herself, having competed as a level 10 gymnast and as a swimmer at the Olympic trials in butterfly. Esther too was in constant pursuit of fitness excellence and had trained in many different disciplines from tae kwon do, to body building and bootcamp challenges before finding her way to CrossFit. Esther also worked as a manager at several large gyms in her area and dreamt of owning her own gym one day but didn’t want to do it alone…enter Instagram!

We will spare you the details (even though it’s a fantastic story!) but IG brought these two fitness souls together and delivered them both to Denver, Colorado where they knew their dreams could become a reality! Their desire for fitness, and passion for helping others was a shared strength, but when they met it immediately grew into an intensified energy that couldn’t be denied! Their passions grew and they began to dream together of owning their affiliate and sharing health and fitness and CrossFit with others…enter Reckoning Fitness.

Reckoning Fitness was founded on our shared belief that optimal health is obtained through fitness acquired from strength and conditioning of the body and mind. The name Reckoning Fitness was derived from our experience that we all have a moment in time where we decide to make a change in our lives and from that day forward we will never be the same again. We draft a mental balance sheet of all our efforts in life in one direction or another and consciously decide to alter our course to better ourselves. We call this your DAY OF RECKONING and this is the essence of Reckoning Fitness! We are beginning this journey of helping others in their respective decision to change their lives by opening our own affiliate out of our home-based garage gym in the heart of Stapleton, Colorado. Here we can foster and grow a strong and diverse community that gathers together to make positive changes in people’s lives. Having a strong community is one of the foundations of our fitness philosophy and is what we believe is crucial for the longevity and sustainability of any fitness program. Together we can achieve anything, and at Reckoning Fitness there is an incredible synergy of our years of experience and our shared passion to help others with your desire to become the very best that you can possibly be!