Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I too old/young to begin doing CrossFit?

CrossFit is for people from ages of 8 to 87 years old and beyond! CrossFit can be adapted to meet the abilities of any age or level of fitness.

What if I am injured?

We have worked with a number of people with significant injuries. All workouts can be scaled to account for someone’s injury or lack of mobility. Many of our athletes have found relief from back, knee, and neck pain by strengthening the muscles that support these areas. All too often people neglect exercising due to a previous injury creating a situation where they are more susceptible re-injuring the affected area. We have found that CrossFit provides people with an increase in strength and mobility that acts a buffer to future injury.

I heard that CrossFit is dangerous.

There is a certain level of danger in any exercise as well as significant danger associated with NOT doing exercise. Reckoning Fitness is focused on providing people with results while minimizing the risk of injury. We minimize risk by coaching our athletes through three phases.

  • 1. Mechanics: This means that you first need to do the lifts correctly.
  • 2. Consistency: This is the ability to do the lifts over and over again using safe and efficient
  • 3. Intensity: Once you have established safe and consistent technique we move on to intensity. Intensity is the ability to do the movements quickly.

In addition to providing an environment that stresses good form, we work to provide our athletes with a wide variety of workouts. By varying the type, weight, and duration of our workouts we prevent the overuse injuries that often occur in other sports. Physicians and sports medicine professors practice CrossFit; they know how well the CrossFit training regimen works and they benefit from our professional and experienced coaches.

I need to get into shape before I start.

This is a common misunderstanding. Fitness is a life long journey. We have athletes start at all levels of conditioning. CrossFit is very efficient at improving your fitness no matter where you start. Most of our members came CrossFit after a decade or more of little to no activity. One of our coaches primary tasks to work with athletes to find the appropriate scaling for their current level of fitness. The workout you see posted on our site is for our experienced athletes, but we always provide a version of this workout that is scaled specifically to meet the needs of each individual in our classes.

Reckoning Fitness has worked hard to create a culture where people of all ages, athletic backgrounds, and fitness levels can come together.

Can I really get a good workout in less than 60 minutes?

Absolutely yes. There is a growing volume of research on High Intensity Training (HIT) that shows the benefits of shorter and more intense workouts. Ultra runners and tri-athletes have seen improvements in their overall and sport-specific fitness after decreasing the duration but increasing the intensity of their workouts.

Not only can you get a substantial workout session in less than an hour, but with CrossFit you also learn, develop and refine an abundance of physical skills, training techniques and mobility drills.  With specific teaching progressions and our focus on the science of mechanics of movement, you can increase your physical abilities with just 2-4 hours each week.  It is not magic, it is hard work… and the results speak for themselves- see our testimonials page.

I am afraid that I will get too bulky.

This is a common concern for new members. In order to get bulky you would need to do all of the following:

  1. 1. Eat an extremely high calorie diet: Athletes focused on putting on muscle mass often consume in excess of 3000 calories a day.
  2. 2. Spend most of your time lifting very heavy weights: While Reckoning Fitness members do spend some time picking up heaving weights it is only a portion of our workouts.
  3. 3. Be genetically predisposed to adding muscle: Women especially, are not hormonally predisposed to add large amounts of muscle