Our Coaches


Esther Pinther

CrossFit Level 1

I fell in love with fitness at a very young age, and became immersed in sports. I was a Level 10 gymnast for several years and then found my second passion, swimming. After many years of hard work and training I qualified for California Interscholastic Federation Championships in high school, and went on to become a Junior Olympian. I then swam for college and went on to qualify for Western State Championships and then for Olympic Trials.

My career as a trainer started when I began doing private swimming lessons while also coaching club swim teams. I enjoyed working with kids and coaching them and teaching them everything I have learned and incorporate that into their training and help make their dreams come true.

It’s being a part of helping people’s dreams come true that led to Chad and I opening Reckoning Fitness and why I became a CrossFit trainer. I can say without hesitation that CrossFit has completely changed my life. It challenges my mind and body everyday in ways I never thought possible. I want to share this with others and pass on my knowledge of CrossFit and continue to help people become more healthy and vital. Nothing makes me happier than partnering with our athletes and cheering them on every step of the way!


Chad Pinther

CrossFit Level 1

My name is Chad Pinther, I currently live in Denver, Colorado. I have had the amazing opportunity to live and work all over the world because of my career as a fashion and fitness model for the last 18 years. My athletic career spans the last 38 years. I started wrestling when I was five-years-old but my main passion was running and I competed in cross-country and indoor and outdoor track with my main event being the 800m sprint. I was also fortunate to have outstanding coaches who introduced me to the importance of nutrition for peak performance. I later became interested in strength training and became a trainer at a local gym. I had always thought it would be optimal to be both strong and fast and started to hear about CrossFit and as I looked into it and tried it, I was humbled by both its intensity and beauty in its programming.

I built my own CrossFit box in my garage and began training 5 to 6 days per week as well as training friends and family. For the last 5 years I’ve continually studied nutrition, Olympic lifting, mobility and CrossFit methods and training. I met Esther (who was on the west coast) and we both relocated to Denver and began to think about opening our own affiliate. Nothing makes me feel more satisfied than sharing with others all that CrossFit has to offer and seeing the incredible change that it can make in their lives!